Solar® Total Shoulder System

20 Tips for Achieving a Good Result in Surgery

Getting physically and psychologically ready for joint replacement surgery can be an intense process. Those who are better prepared tend to achieve better results.

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What Makes Stryker's Artificial Shoulder Joint Replacements Better?

Stryker is one of the largest developers and manufacturers of total joint replacement systems in the world, designing versatile systems that potentially improve range of motion and provide greater flexibility. As a global leader in the development of orthopaedic products and services, we're committed to researching and developing new ways to address people's needs. We focus on quality, technology, and research.

Stryker is dedicated to developing artificial shoulder joints and shoulder replacement surgery procedures based on scientific solutions to real-life problems – allowing surgeons to match each replacement joint to a patient's specific needs.

Here's a brief introduction to the Stryker shoulder joint replacement system:

The Solar® Total Shoulder System is completely modular. All components are compatible, which allows any humeral component to be used with any humeral head on any glenoid component – ensuring each patient an individualized shoulder replacement. Like all Stryker replacement joints, the Solar® Total Shoulder System is designed to replicate the function and stability of the natural joint.