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Direct Anterior Approach (DAA)

Continuing orthopaedic experience suggests that DAA may offer several advantages over the more traditional surgical approaches to hip replacement.4 Learn More

Mobile Bearing Hip™ Replacement

Mobile Bearing Hip Replacement

Stryker's Mobile Bearing Hip™ with X3® Advanced Bearing Technology is a mobile bearing, rather than a fixed bearing hip replacement. Mobile bearing hip replacement components are designed to fit together in a unique way to allow for a more natural range of motion1, more resistance to wear2 and greater joint stability.3
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2. Stryker Orthopaedics Restoration® ADM X3® 28mm ID acetabular inserts made of X3® Gas Plasma Sterilized UHMWPE, show a 97% reduction in volumetric wear rate versus 28mm ID Restoration® ADM Duration Gamma Radiation Sterilized UHMWPE. Both ADM constructs utilized a 54mm OD shell and the inserts were approximately 9.9mm thick. Testing was conducted under multi-axial hip joint simulation for 5 million cycles using a 28mm CoCr modular femoral head articulating counterface and calf serum lubricant. Volumetric wear rates were 109.7±6.0 mm3/106 cycles and -1.03 ± 3.8 mm3/106 cycles for Duration and X3® polyethylene insert test samples. Although in-vitro hip wear simulation methods have not been shown to quantitatively predict clinical wear performance, the current model has been able to reproduce correct wear resistance rankings for some materials with documented clinical results.a, b, c

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